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Our mission is to put more Electric Vehicles on the road and increase the number Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Homes, Multi-Unit Dwellings, Workplace, Retail and Public Locations.


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eMotorWerks Selected as Finalist for Energy Storage North Amercia Mobility Project

EMW is one of the 3 finalists for the prestigious 2015 ESNA Innovation Awards, recognizing excellence in energy storage.

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eMotorWerks EV Charging Network provides the industry’s first network of intelligent SmartGrid EV charging stations, JuiceBox EVSEs, controlled via a cloud-based, self-learning platform, JuiceNet. Already used by over 5,000 consumers and deployed across the US, eMotorWerks’ network of SmartGrid EV chargers provides the benefits of other storage and demand curtailment solutions without requiring utilities and grid operators to invest in new storage or DR infrastructure.


Check out Chariotz.com. They have very cool cars and trucks too. More custom EVs and PHEVs are added daily. Feel free to add your electric ride!