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JuiceBox Pro 40 EV Charger - Plenty of Juice for not a lot of Green!

JuiceBox JuiceBox Car Charger JuiceBox EV Charger JuiceBox Pro 40

EV drivers are finding that the JuiceBox Pro 40 Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station is an affordable solution that has many of the same (and more) features as other big name Level 2 chargers for hundreds less.

JuiceBox Pro 40 EV ChargerThe JuiceBox Pro 40 charges your car up to 10x faster than the cord that it comes with, and for $599 is fully configured and ready to plug in. The Pro 40 comes standard with  Energy Metering, WiFi, and a *SmartPhone app with control options.

We asked Dorian Vargas-Reighley - Director of  Production & Technical Support at Electric Motor Werks, which produces the Pro 40 in the US, a couple of questions:

Q: What advantages does the JuiceBox Pro 40 have over higher priced 40 Amp EV Chargers?

A: “For the EV owner, the Pro 40 brings a host of control and monitoring features, as well as industry leading power and safety features into the hands of the residential or commercial user. Precision energy metering lets you know exactly how much energy goes into charging your EV while TOU (time of use) lets you take advantage of the best possible off-peak rates from your utility.  The free web browser and *smartphone app  allow you to set charge limits and monitor from anywhere!

Furthermore, all JuiceBox units come ready to install simply by plugging in to a 240V outlet or 120V outlet with adapter.  They are compact and lightweight for portable use, and can even be taken on the road with you.

On the server side, the Pro 40 offers revenue-grade sub-metering. This opens up all sorts of possibilities, many of which we are already actively leveraging to make the JuiceBox the most beneficial EVSE out there.

As well as working with utilities to optimize rate plans, we can view the grid's generation profile and optimize your EV charging for carbon emissions by controlling charge appropriately over time. This is available in our new Green 40 product - parallel in all other regards to our Pro.”


Q: What's the secret sauce for the Pro 40?

A: “I can name two things that we feel makes the Pro 40 a great charger.

  1. First hand knowledge of the rigors and joys of being EV drivers. A keen desire to change our energy infrastructure, and make the grid work in everyone's favor, especially the end users.
  1. Development. Lots and lots of development and engineering. Measure twice, cut once, etc.”


Q: What do customers say about the Pro 40?

A: Here is one of my favorite quotes:

"The Juicebox works great. The quality of the components and assembly was great also. Thanks for a great alternative to the big brand EV chargers."


Q: What is the mission of EMotorWerks?

“EMotorWerks wants EV Charging to be FREE to end users. We believe that the cost of charging infrastructure is one of the main barriers to widespread adoption of electric transportation. Help us move the market towards that goal by buying our products and participating in our programs!”

ChargedEV.com specializes in EV Charger sales, installation and consulting. Brands include AeroVironment, Chargepoint, JuiceBox, Juice Bar, EVI and more. The JuiceBox Pro 40 sells for $599 (free shipping in the lower 48).

*Android is currently supported, iOS is in development and will be available by the end of summer, 2015.

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