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Covering North America With EV Charging Stations

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We'd like to say "Thank You!" to the many home owners, businesses and workplace locations in...

Anahiem, CA; Mill Valley, CA; Monrovia, CA; Oakland, CA; Norwalk, CA; San Francisco, CA; Portland OR; Seattle WA; Miami, FL; Barre, VT; Philadelphia, PA; Atlanta, GA; Hope, British Columbia, Canada

...who have chosen to install EV Charging Stations from ChargedEV.com



We look forward to helping more home owners and businesses to purchase and install their EV Charging Stations.

Start shopping today!

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Attract and Retain Customers With An EV Charger

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Don't Let Someone Else's Profit Center Ruin Your Amenity

Every retail facility is looking for ways to attract customers and keep them shopping longer, whether it is offering free WiFi, children’s play areas, water features, background music, valet parking, or some other amenity.

One of the most effective and proven ways to increase dwell time and average spend is to install electric vehicle charging stations. The data are compelling. Kohl’s found that electric vehicle (EV) drivers spend about 20 more minutes in store than non-EV drivers, while another major retailer found EV drivers spend more than three times longer...

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How Long To Charge An Electric Car?

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Many people considering an an electric car want to know how long does it take to charge an electric car?

Opting for an Electric Car or EV over a traditional fuel-driven car is a great choice, no matter if you considering a 100% EV or Plug-In EV. EVs are environmentally friendly (considering your utility power source) and one big advantage is that there are plenty of electric car charging stations all over the country and more being installed every month to help you get to your destination. Most people charge at home, then the workplace and then...

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