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Free Funding Help For EV Charging Stations

We believe so passionate about the adoption of electric cars that we offer free funding assistance for an EV Charging station for your Business (restaurants, hotels, retail stores), Workplace Locations and Multi-Unit Dwellings.

Through donations and Kickstarter campaigns, we will help fully or partially fund the cost your EV Chargers (minus installation costs) and help you promote your business. We also work with regional government agencies that offer grants for public charging stations and we will help you through the application process. There are substantial EVSE Rebates in the Central Valley of CA, ask about your area. Our EVSE experts will assist with the permitting process and we have partnered with licensed and bonded electricians in the US and Canada. Level 2 charging stations come in many flavors and can range from $400 to $40,000 and higher so we'll help you through the process.

Of course, there are exceptions and we reserve the right screen each project before we commit. 

If You Install It - EV Owners Come! Attract loyal EV customers, renters, employees, let us help you get started.

Bonus! Once your EV Charger is installed, we will run a complete marketing campaign to promote your business and location, which includes a listing on PlugShare and other EV Charging Maps, EVPerks.com, Social Media Distribution, Press Release and posts on the major EV Forums.

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