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ChargePoint Express 200 DC Fast Charger


ChargePoint Express 200 DC Fast Charger

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The ChargePoint CPE 200 DC Fast Charging Station, the newest generation of DC fast chargers from ChargePoint, you can bring in new customers to your business by offering a place for EV drivers to make a stop and recharge before getting back on the road.

Innovative features of ChargePoint Express 200 include:

Speed: The CPE200 is a 50kW station and charges at a maximum rate of 200 RPH (miles of Range Per Hour).

Connectors: With a CHAdeMO and SAE Combo Connector, you can serve virtually all EVs with fast charging capabilities.

Form Factor: At only 13 inches deep and one-third the weight of other dual port DC stations, you’ll have flexibility on installation locations and the price to ship and install is significantly lower.

Low maintenance costs: Cut maintenance costs with the only liquid cooled DC fast charger on the market. Instead of replacing an air filter system several times a year, this coolant will last up to 10 years.

Reliability: With the ability to identify problems before they happen and repair problems remotely, the ChargePoint Support team will be able to keep your stations online.

Branding: Customize your station to promote your brand and business.

The Network Effect: The ChargePoint network and our advanced cloud services give you flexibility in your charging operations. Plus, you have access to the largest group of EV drivers.

World Class Support: Our service products and support services have you covered from site planning to your ongoing care and management, including phone support for you and your drivers.

ChargePoint CPE 200 DC Fast Charging Station Brochure

ChargePoint CPE 200 DC Fast Charging Station Data Sheet


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