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JuicePlug EV Charger Adapter


JuicePlug EV Charger Adapter

$ 199.00

JuicePlug is a small, WiFi-connected adapter that attaches to your charging cable and transforms your existing charging station into the smartest station on the market, giving you full anytime / anywhere control, saving you money (up to $800 / year from taking advantage of time-of-use tariffs, while reducing emissions from your charging. Earn up to $400 per year in rewards and get $100 off purchases upon signup to our...California smart-grid EV charging program.

JuicePlug requires no tools or assembly, takes 10 seconds to plug in, and is compatible with all EVs and EVSEs on the market.

If you are in SDG&E, PG&E, or SCE territories in California, you can get one for just $49 (While in pre-order - $149, less $100 rebate when you sign up for our JuicePoints rewards program).

Here's what's cool about JuicePlug:

  • • Anytime / anywhere monitoring and control of your charging via our best-in-class smartphone and web interfaces. Set up Time-of-Use schedules, your maximum wiring ratings, turn your charging on and off remotely, etc.
  • • Up to 10 automatic notification types that help you manage your EV charging experience. For example, JuicePlug can notify you that your car is still not plugged in by 10pm, etc
  • • Access to your charging history, cost of energy, and CO2 budget (pounds saved by driving electric, pounds saved by charging smart, and total pounds spent)
  • • Guaranteed full charge by specified time using the cleanest possible power - using award-winning smart charging algorithms from our JuiceNet platform
  • • Ability to join JuicePoints, a revolutionary EV driver rewards program that pays you to plug in. With JuicePlug + JuicePoints, you can make money and win awesome prizes in your sleep.

And a little spec listing:

  • • Voltage: 100-270 VAC
  • • Power: up to 40 Amps / 10 kW
  • • Full J1772 support for compatibility with all vehicles & EVSEs
  • • Measurement precision (current, voltage, power, energy): better than 0.5%
  • • Monitoring & Control latency: less than 3 seconds for full smart-grid compatibility


And the photo gallery:


Android App

Search Play Store for 'EV JuiceBox' or 'EV JuiceNet'


iOS App

Search Apple Store for 'EV JuiceNet'


Web Portal


Please note that these are on backorder and will ship in last week of September, 2016. Place your order today to get yours first when they are back in stock.


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